Deux Cranes creates chocolates and confections for the adventurous, curious, and passionate consumer.

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in Deux Cranes Chocolates and Confections! I'm Michiko, the owner and head chocolatier of Deux Cranes. I'm a fourth generation Japanese-American who grew up traveling the world and my dream is to connect people through my art—which is chocolate and other treats. Deux Cranes creates chocolates and confections for the adventurous, curious, and passionate consumer. Our chocolates go beyond traditional dark, milk or white chocolates. They include matcha white chocolate, passionfruit chocolate, and dark chocolate with miso roasted almonds, for example. This winter we will be releasing little gems of chocolates (a.k.a. the best bonbons you've ever had) and garlic-vanilla caramels (yup!). Everything is made with great attention to detail and intentionally designed with style and aesthetics in mind. I want the chocolate to taste as good as it looks. We source the best quality chocolate from a chocolate maker in France and choose ingredients to highlight the beautiful food cultures of Japan and France.

There are so many people in America who are multi-cultural and have fascinating, rich backgrounds. This is what makes America unique and beautiful. Since being back home from a year studying pastry and chocolate in Paris, I've realized that that richness isn't represented in the chocolates and confections marketplace. Deux Cranes strives to fill that space where multiculturalism meets sweets and make chocolates and confections that appeal to people from all kinds of places and stories. My greatest joy is to facilitate connections between people through Deux Cranes products. A lot of our customers who have been to Japan or France, or desire to go or have a link to those places feel a connection to my products, and that is so incredibly special. It makes me realize that we all share special connections, in sometimes unusual ways, and being able to spark that through my products is such a unique honor.


ABOUT Michiko Marron-Kibbey

I grew up moving around a lot as most kids who grow up in the Navy do. I spent most of my adolescence in Japan and developed a love of food, sweets, and baking cookies in toaster ovens. I moved back to the States to go to college in San Luis Obispo, CA, and continued to bake in my college apartment as much as possible. I went to graduate school at Columbia University in NYC and later taught early childhood in Washington, D.C. but continued to develop my love of all kinds of foods and baking. This is where things take a turn…

In 2015, my husband Philip and I decided to pack up everything we owned, leave our tried-and-true-careers behind and pursue our passions of pastry and wine in the enchanting city of Paris. It took two years of hard work and saving but in 2017 I attended Ferrandi and later worked at Mori Yoshida, a Franco-Japanese pastry and chocolate shop in the 7th Arrondissement.

I love to bring people joy through my chocolates and confections. I believe that sweets are a total sensory experience and that with a little attention to detail you can achieve a truly magical experience with just one bite.

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