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HOLIDAY 2023~ 8 piece bonbon box


These delicate, hand-made chocolates are each filled with uniquely flavored ganaches, cookie butters and compote. They make a perfect gift and treat for anyone looking for a decadent bite!

This year we drew inspiration from the turning of the season and foods enjoyed during the Autumn and Winter season.

The flavors are:

Japanese Citrus + Ginger Cookie Butter: Four different Japanese citrus varieties (Setouchi Lemon, Kawachi Bankan, Iyokan, and Amanatsu) were selected for this flavorful chocolate. The candied zests are pureed into an aromatic paste and then incorporated with ground ginger into a mixture of cookie butter and dark chocolate. *contains gluten and soy.

Roasted Sweet Potato: House roasted Japanese sweet potatoes are mixed with caramelized milk chocolate and cream to form a velvety and unique ganache with a caramel like texture. *contains milk

Kabocha Pumpkin: Bright yellow Kabocha pumpkin is steamed (to preserve its delicate and unique flavor) and then mixed into creamy white chocolate. The final experience is a creamy texture with subtle notes of natural pumpkin flavor. *contains milk

Strawberry Compote with Salted Vanilla Cream: House made strawberry compote provides a tangy high note in this unique and delectable nod to the Japanese strawberry shortcake. It’s layered with salted Madagascar vanilla ganache for a balanced flavor and texture in every bite. *contains milk

This 8 piece box is the perfect gift for your favorite choco-holic duo, so they each get one piece!


Each piece is made and packaged by hand so the final product may not be identical to photos.

Please store in a cool (up to 68°f), dry, dark space and enjoy within 10 days of receipt.

HOLIDAY 2023~ 8 piece bonbon box